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S4L Book Club - Bel Canto, by Ann PatchettWe will begin our discussion of Bel Canto on Monday.

Today, I want to announce February’s book and discussion leader. The book is The Immortal life of Henrietta Lacks, by Rebecca Skloot. It’s available in print, digital, and audio formats, so stitchers thread your needles and listen in.

This book is our leader’s choice. Our leader will be Chrissie. You can find her on Twitter and Six Writers – One Story. She writes and reviews children’s media for KIDS FIRST!, and she’s the Suite 101 Children’s TV Feature Writer, among other things.

S4L Book Club - The Immortal Life of Henrietta LacksAs a writer, I’m advised to “read widely.” I think that’s good advice for everyone: the more widely we read, the wider our perspective and understanding. The trick is in actually doing it and not just reading what we love over and over.

I think the S4L Book Club may be a way to widen my reading. I love the idea of having guest discussion leaders and allowing them to choose their books. Please, I hope you will consider volunteering to be a leader. Just one month, one book. It can be as simple as making a list of questions and posting them two or three times a week. If you have ideas for doing more, yippee!

I will, of course, help. I can edit, post on your behalf, whatever you need. I will read the book and do my best to contribute to the discussion.

We’ve had a suggestion for the March book which I think would be an excellent change of pace after Henrietta. Now I have to see if I can persuade the suggester to be our leader.

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  1. I only just received my copy of Bel Canto in the mail, so I’ll be behind in the discussion. Darn.

  2. I am also a bit late in my Bel Canto reading. I still aim to be more than a book club lurker 🙂

  3. Henrietta Lacks could lead to some interesting discussions. I’m sure we won’t all agree and may need to agree to disagree on the issues it presents.

  4. Well, we’ll see if anyone else has read Bel Canto. If not, we can postpone discussion until mid-month. Or, hey, maybe I’ll just answer the canned questions myself. Hmm…how dull might that be?

    @Becca – Yes, Henrietta definitely brings up controversial issues. Maybe it’s risky to broach in this venue. I trust our regulars here to handle it well: I think I can disagree quite well with all of you!

    I do have the all-powerful Delete key, as will Chrissie, but I would hate to actually use it. Everyone is entitled to an opinion–even a wrong one.

    Remember that when I express mine. 🙂

  5. This S4L book club begins to be really interesting offering “dangerous readings”; since we are warned in advanced about controversies 🙂 I cannot handle glue guns, yet, but I know about “the power in writing”, so I will use my key-board carefully in February 😉

  6. Well said, Harriet! I suspect the regulars can handle this well. (and non-regulars- hint)

    I have been listening to Bel Canto and am almost done. Back to work tomorrow, so I will try to listen to the last two hours today. If people want to wait until mid-month, that works for me. Now I have to track down Henrietta.

  7. I finished reading the Bel Canto novel this evening. I’m ready, as struggle-ready as I can be, for writing thoughts in a second (not native) language 😉