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2011 Goals and Teasers

Have any of you started Creative Gifts for 2011 yet? Harriet has come up with a brilliant idea that the rest of us may want to adopt. Based on the 24 Creative Gift Ideas–with freedom to substitute, alter, etc.–she aims to tackle two a month in 2011. Can you imagine ending up with 24 handmade gifts next December? What an accomplishment! I have a mind to try to keep up with her.

Funk & Weber Christmas tree 2010

What other goals would you like to set for 2011?

A big one for me is to get the new Funk & Weber Designs site up, running, and moving forward. I’m enjoying the web design, but I’m eager to get back into new embroidery designs, projects, and classes. I’ve had a long hiatus from those.

Another major goal for me is to get the new Puzzle Project up and running. Both projects are oh-so-close to the “up” stage. I can’t wait to show you!

After the Funk & Weber site goes up, we’ll start our makeover here. It won’t be anywhere near as extensive as the other two sites, but it should make things tidier, more flexible, and more convenient.Even better than the makeover is an exciting surprise coming to Stitching for Literacy in mid-January: someone new is joining the S4L effort. Dum-dum-dum (dramatic music).

All right. What are some of your goals for 2011?

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