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S4L Book Club - Bel Canto, by Ann PatchettDiscussion of Bel Canto is being delayed one week to give participants more time to finish the book. The first question will be posted Tuesday, January 11, 2011. It’s written in ink in my calendar, so there it is.

Harriet, are you reading in English or Norwegian? I’m hoping it’s Norwegian because I know you’re just starting.

Are you finished yet, Shelly? You are, truly, one of the fastest readers I know.

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  1. I’m actually not much of a speed reader, Jen. I just utilize those little moments of time when I have literally just 3 or 4 minutes here or there. If I’m watching a football game on tv, for example, I read during the commercials and timeouts. Voracious–yes! I’m not quite at the 2/3 point in the book.

  2. I read Bel Canto in Norwegian, and I am finished with it (it took 2 days and 2 A4 pages with notes) I am reading the February novel in English, to use the language more.

  3. I’m ready to discuss! (Thanks to Children’s Chorus last night, I had plenty of time to read.)

  4. Those snippets of time add up quickly, I guess. I tend to do most of my reading during longer dedicated chunks of time.

    I took few notes on this one. You all feel free to post your own questions here, right? Or send them to me in an email–mail AT funkandweber DOT com.

  5. I’m using snippets to read Henrietta Lacks. I have an application for e books on both my phone and laptop and I have been reading on the drives to and from schools we serve. (When someone else is driving, of course!) I’ve read 9 chapters so far.