Needle and ThREAD

Ribbon Alternative

Back in February, thanks to Alan at the Bookmark Collector blog, I discovered an unassuming blog post that gave me an idea I can’t let go.

Do you remember friendship bracelets? Did you ever make one? I loved them, and I made dozens of them, often making up new patterns. I wore several at a time and usually had a WIP pinned to my jeans with the dangling threads tucked in a pocket so I had something to do in spare moments.

I made bracelets for specific friends, but I most enjoyed wearing a new one until someone commented on it. If I liked the comment and/or the person, I’d take it off and give it away on the spot. I loved the randomness and surprise of it.

Now that I mention it, I’ve done that with a number of my embroidered bracelets, too. Recipients often get flustered, but that’s part of the fun.

Anywho, in this blog post, zebruca decides that a friendship bracelet that is too long will become a bookmark instead.

As an Extreme DIYer and owner of enough six-strand floss to mummify myself and my husband, I love the idea of making the ribbon for my embroidered bookmarks! After several days of stitching, what’s a few more hours of tying knots?

What’s next–growing, dying, and spinning cotton? Hmm…

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  1. I’m still hoping you’ll open an online store. You’ve got a buyer of both bracelets and bookmarks right here!