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In a Nutshell: Who I am and What I Offer

Activity books, comic book, and picture book written by Jen Funk Weber
  • Author of 18 books and hundreds of children’s magazine pieces
  • Story developer and author for STEM-based comic book series
  • Classroom writing workshops
  • Teacher workshop on puzzle making
  • Family afternoon/evening programs
  • Events for schools, libraries, conferences, organizations that want to reach kids, and more
  • In person and via Skype, Zoom, or other virtual platform
  • Dedicated user of the serial comma

Alaska, Reading, Writing, Idea Generation, and More

Science- and literacy-based programs showcase the differences between Alaska and your state (for out-of-state schools) and how I work as an author. These programs support curriculum standards, CCSS, and the New Generation Science Standards, while exciting students about reading, writing, publishing, and science.

Program options for your Author Event

Jen Funk Weber Books

Whole-school or Leveled assemblies, grades K-2 and 3-5: A Writer in Alaska
We’ll compare Alaska to your state, touching on geography, climate, wildlife, and more. We’ll read Been There, Done That: Reading Animal Signs together and discover how real-life experiences became a picture book text. Finally, we’ll walk step-by-step through the writing of a puzzle book.

Idea Generation Workshop, for one or two classrooms
We tackle the biggest writing hurdle kids face, arming students with dozens of ideas for future assignments as well as techniques for coming up with more ideas on their own.

Author Walkabout Q&A
I will visit individual classrooms to answer any questions students have about Alaska or writing.

Alaska Artifacts Show-and-Tell (available in WA, OH, and PA)
See antlers, fur, plaster casts of tracks, scat, and more collected on hikes in Alaska. Yes, they’re all real.

A full-day visit = 4 programs ~ 40-60 minutes each, $800 plus expenses

Add a Family Event

Magazines with Jen Funk Weber's work

Expand the learning and the fun with an afternoon or evening family event.

Winter in Alaska! Alaska is a popular tourist destination. Remote lodges provide hunting, fishing, and sightseeing services. But the vast majority of people want to visit Alaska in the summer, so lodges close during the long winter. Windows are boarded up, water pipes drained, and generators shut off. Guides, cooks, and service staff leave. All that remains at these remote lodges is, perhaps, a caretaker or two.

Jen Funk Weber (along with husband Mike) spent ten years as winter caretakers for remote lodges in Alaska. They shoveled roofs and airplane wings, kept animals out of buildings, and re-stocked wood sheds. Perhaps the biggest job, however, was just taking care of themselves: living without electricity, running water, telephones, neighbors, easy access to medical care, or sources of entertainment.

Come see what few visitors to Alaska ever see: Winter in Alaska. ~ 60 minutes, $200

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