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Recommended Group Reading: James Herriot

Here’s my next recommendation for stitching groups (or any other groups) that want to read aloud: any of James Herriot’s animal stories. As a country vet in the Yorkshire Dales, James Herriot meets and treats people and animals that have more character than most fiction writers could conjure, and he relates his experiences with warmth and humor. His stories engage a wide age group, from children to adults, which make them great for groups. The image here is of a collection of stories edited and illustrated specifically for children. We read them to my nephew when he was about 4 and he sat through every one, looking at the pictures, and asking questions at the end.

Mike and I read the All Creatures Great and Small series together while caretaking. These read like novels, though, so may not work especially well for groups that meet once a week. Instead, I recommend that you find a collection of short stories. While I’ve never read Cat Stories or Dog Stories, that’s where I would first look. The Treasury for Children would work just fine, too.

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  1. I love this book. My sister gave it to my son when he was small and we read it out loud. I had read and loved Herriot’s novels and the treasury was like visiting old friends.