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Wow. Wow. Wow!

Eager stitchers began arriving before the official 2:00 opening of the event, and stuck around past the official closing at 4:00. While I expected to meet and greet, conduct the needlework orchestra, and be a general Ms. Bossy-Pants, we were so busy that I got to do a little one-on-one and one-on-two teaching as well. That’s the best part–and I got to do some of it!

We had at least 35 children and adults come in to stitch. That’s the official count I’m giving the library, anyway. Truth is, I counted 24 at about 2:15, then got and stayed so busy that I neglected to ever count again. Oops. As I look back at pictures, I believe the real count is in the 40s.

All the tables were active, and we even had a group on the bench in the back. Several people finished the project, and others took supplies home to finish there. Some of the kids took to stitching in a snap, enjoying themselves, and producing beautiful work. Late in the day, a 7-year-old boy discovered he had the knack for this craft and said to his mother, “I’m good at this.” He was! His older brother scoffed at the suggestion that he try it, but wound up with his own fabric, fiber, and needle at another table. I talked with a number of the adults about the guild and encouraged them to visit for a meeting. Library staff were thrilled, and so was I.

We learned a few things and have ideas to make the event this weekend even better, but I couldn’t be happier with our first gig.

Cheers to everyone who came to stitch! I think there needs to be a weekly stitch night at the library where someone reads aloud while stitchers listen. If I lived in town, I’d make it happen. Because I live out of town, I’m going to encourage others to make it happen.

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  1. Oh no, you didn’t! You can tell I have not checked your blog since this entry, huh? Look at that big nose. I finished the stitching though. Way to go, me!