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Book reviews and information on books I am currently reading.

What copy editing?

In two books I’ve read recently, I’ve come across what I believe is incorrect use of the semicolon. In both cases, the semicolon was used to link an independent clause with a […]

Vampire High

What’s on my nightstand? Vampire High, by Douglas Rees. I picked this book off the library shelf a month or two ago, just because I liked the cover and vampires are currently […]

Power Passages

My friend, Shelly, gloms onto special book passages the way I do, savoring them. She sent me one this morning, and I asked her to post it in the comments here. It’s […]

Book Truths

I’m reading Hattie Big Sky, by Kirby Larson, and am enjoying it so much that it’s keeping me up at night. Hattie is a sixteen-year-old pioneer, single-handedly proving up her dead uncle’s […]