Power Passages

My friend, Shelly, gloms onto special book passages the way I do, savoring them. She sent me one this morning, and I asked her to post it in the comments here. It’s a great description of a character’s anger.

I hope everyone will consider sharing favorite book passages here. They’re fun to read. Remember to include the book title and author so we can find the book ourselves if we want.

Power Passage comments are welcome on any post.

I have a second one (two passages in one book is notable) from Hattie Big Sky, by Kirby Larson, which I finished several days ago. I had committed the page number to memory and the book is still at hand, so…on page 267 after a really big disappointment,

I sat, quiet and alone. No tears. No shaking my fist at God. Nothing but a heavy stone in my chest that used to be a heart filled with dreams and possibilities. There should be fireworks, at least, when a dream dies. But no, this one had blown apart as easily as a dandelion gone to seed.

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