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Stitching for Literacy Update

football.jpgFrom the Accents, Inc. 2009 Bookmark Challenge collection.

The Monday “What have you done lately?” accountability post, where I announce my Needle and Thread: Stitching for Literacy program promotion goal for the week and fess up on last week’s goal.

When I started these Update posts I figured they would help motivate (shame?) me to get things done. Such was certainly the case this past week…er, today. I mean, really, who wants to admit she can’t accomplish just one simple task in seven days?

Last week my goal was to get a newsletter to participants and post a message on a message board. I was also finishing the previous weeks’ goals of getting advice about my Big Picture plans and submitting a bookmark and article idea to a magazine.

Thanks to a productive morning, I can say I accomplished those goals. Yay! And whew.

Also last week, the Stitching for Literacy program and Heart’s Desire in Wichita, KS, were mentioned in The Augusta Daily Gazette. I’d love to see such articles about all participants.

This week’s goal is to put together a Press page here on the site. I’m tempted to list a second goal, but it’s summer, I’m busy, and my track record is shaky. I know I have a tendency to bite off more than I can politely chew. One thing…just one thing.

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