Readergirlz Bookmark

I’ve been waffling something awful on the finishing method for the readergirlz bookmark. And don’t ask me how many samples I’ve made because I’m not telling. What do you think of this:

It’s backed with card stock–Mike’s on a colored card stock mission in town tomorrow–so that we can write book titles or Lines We Love on it. When we fill it up, front and back, we make a new one. Ideally, the stitched part will stick up above the book, but it could be tucked inside when the book is being stuffed in a backpack or bag.

Seriously, what do you think?

The other option is this:

I have ribbon that works with the fabric and fiber but would have to order felt, which I can certainly do.

Speaking of fabric and fiber, I want to give a shout out to Wichelt Imports, Inc. and The Gentle Art. They are providing fabric and fiber for kits I’ll make for at least some of the readergirlz.

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  1. For visual effect, I like the beribboned bookmarks more…they’re more appealing with their colors and fanciness. But when it comes to application, I like the idea of the cardstock bookmarks. I’ve never thought of jotting down favorite lines and notes on a bookmark and I LOVE the idea.

    However, if I received just the bookmark as a gift and it had the cardstock prop (for lack of a better word), it still probably wouldn’t occur to me to jot down those notes unless someone suggested it to me. I’d need a set of instructions to come with the marker to reap the full benefit. (Even though it looks pretty darned obvious after you suggested it, I fully recognize my own limitations and know I wouldn’t have come up with the idea on my own!)