A Storm!

A brainstorm, that is. Oh, how I love a brainstorm: an outpouring of ideas with flashes of brilliance!

Continued from yesterday…

Like Shelly, I love the idea of being able to write favorite lines and titles on the bookmark. The concern about needing the suggestion to do so can be easily addressed. I like how this makes the bookmark so personal.

I also like Kat’s suggestion to include words on the cardstock, though I suspect we have different visions of this.

So how about we combine the two ideas?

The readergirlz have a wonderful tag line. We could have that on the front: a sort of starter set of words, with a tiny bit of room to squeeze some titles or favorite lines in around them as well as the whole back side.

Thoughts? I’m really liking this, but, of course, I like the felt-and-ribbon option, too.

I’ll stitch at least one more model this weekend, and then I really must make a decision.

Oooo. You know what else I like? It sort of looks like a hand mirror, and one of the words in the tag line is “reflect.” Plus, by personalizing it with titles we’ve read and our favorite lines, our bookmarks become reflections of us.

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  1. Like Shelly, I think the ribbons are “prettier”, but I love the idea of writing on the tail and your “reflecting” on reflection is compelling. I vote for the card stock.

  2. I love the idea of using their tagline on the front of the bookmark. And how about using the gentle nudge of “Notes:” on the back?

    Also, you used layering of ribbons to add color to the ribbony bookmarks. You could also take bright coordinating or contrasting colors of cardstock and layer those for eyecatching appeal. Simply have the topmost layer have the tagline. What do you think?

  3. Or “Notes and Quotes”!

    I’m playing with the layering idea. I don’t have good color options with card stock, but I’m trying a couple of things with ribbon and additional stitching.

    There are always alternatives!