Behind the Scenes

I did it! I made my first on demand video class for The Stitchers’ Village. It is a Limited Edition project class.

Limited Edition = for a limited time. It will only be available through the month of February. Project class means the subject is a project as opposed to a technique like Hardanger or making mitered corners.

It’s not strictly video, though, because the project requires a pattern, so there’s a pdf download, too. In fact, I don’t suppose the video is essential, though I do think it’s helpful. Words and still images would probably do the job. Best of all, the video was big-time fun to make! Oh, and a heap of work.

These are the files and folders I amassed while making the video. It took me three days just to shoot and piece it; I already had it planned. It’s a four minute video! Doesn’t that seem like a lot of time and stuff for four minutes of video? Maybe it’s normal–what do I know from video-making?–but I was surprised.

With the rise of YouTube and other video-uploading sites, videos and vlogs have become a popular means of communicating. I can’t say I’m 100% on board this trend. In part, it’s because we don’t have a fast Internet connection–and cannot get one in this area from our ISP, though I suppose we could get satellite Internet. Our slow connection means we have to wait many minutes for a short video to load before we can watch it straight through. That’s a time sucker, so the video better be worth watching!

In part, I’m not 100% on board because I don’t really want to be in them, though a class for stitchers doesn’t seem too awkward for me. I do, however, enjoy planning them and piecing them together. That part is a puzzle just waiting to be solved. I even like the editing, adding titles and effects, nipping bits from here and there and sticking them together.

I’m pleased as pickles with the result and am excited for the class to go live. Images of the project have been leaked in a couple of places, but I’ll hold off posting a picture here until the class is up, which should be on or before February 1.

I can’t wait to make the next video class!

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