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First Needle & ThREAD Bookmark

The first bookmark is finished. I scanned it today and mucked about with the pattern layout. The bookmark is 2-sided, but wouldn’t have to be. I like it! I especially like the bookmark style. It’s not a typical needlework bookmark. Beyond it’s job as a bookmark, it’s a neat way to display needlework, if you ask me. More on that when the pattern is released.

I have a plan for the next bookmark design, which will be a companion to this one. I need to do a rough draft, then let Mike work his magic. These first 2 patterns give a nod to librarians, particularly kids’ librarians. They are the front-line soldiers in the literacy battle, so it seemed an appropriate place to start.

I’d like to have a number of patterns finished by fall, then have a “bookmark drive” or some such event, where we could shower schools and libraries with bookmarks during Children’s Book Week in November. I’ll sponsor a contest for shops, offering prizes for the shop that collects/creates the most bookmarks (any pattern), collects the most Funk & Weber Designs bookmarks, etc. Shops can then donate them to a school or library in their community. Stitchers without local shops can donate theirs locally or send them to me.

What fun!

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  1. Sounds great! I always check in with the librarians at the schools I work at. They are wonderful people!
    I still remember my Junior High school librarian. She was so involved with the students. I also recall the summer reading programs when I was growing up. My mother would drop me off at the library and leave to run errands. (I loved the library). I would check out the maximum number of book allowed and then sit down and start reading. I would often finish one book before I left and I would try to turn it in for credit on the reading program. The librarian would laugh and tell me she knew I had read the book, but I needed to take it home and bring it back later for credit. My concern, was actually that if I returned the one I had read, I could get another.

  2. Sounds like great fun, Jen! I hope someone will develop a pattern or two for people like me with limited needlework skills!

  3. Hi Jen,

    I love your idea of a contest and drive. This is a fabulous project and I hope you’ll keep us posted every step of the way. Let me know how I can help.

    Joan Hawley
    Lazy Girl Designs