Category: Needle and ThREAD

Updates on the Needle and ThREAD program which uses needlework to promote and support literacy.

Creating Creatives, Part 5

Next Up by Linda Stanek Next up on Bloom’s model is Synthesis. This is where the ability to arrange, collect, compose, design, develop, organize, and plan takes place. (It’s also the place […]

Bookmark Tips

Okay, I’m officially on a cardstock kick for finishing bookmarks. This is not the tip I planned for this week, but I’m going where my enthusiasm takes me. First it was ready-made […]

Extreme Stitcher

Welcome to our Extreme Reader / Extreme Stitcher series where we profile people willing to go to great lengths to read and/or stitch. A project stitched by Maureen for the Bookmarks 101: […]

Teaching Tool for Stitchers

As most of you know, Outreach is an important branch of the Needle and Thread: Stitching for Literacy program. In addition to collecting bookmarks from stitchers during the Bookmark Challenge, we aim […]

Bookmark Tips

Last week we talked about using card stock tags as backs and bologna for bookmarks. It’s also possible to stitch directly on cards; in fact, Kreinik offers some Tokens & Trifles stitching […]

Creating Creatives, Part 3

Moving Up by Linda Stanek The second tier on Bloom’s Taxonomy, that hierarchy of learning, is Understanding. Here, students begin to be able to classify, describe, discuss, explain, and identify the things […]