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Bookmark Tips

Last week we talked about using card stock tags as backs and bologna for bookmarks. It’s also possible to stitch directly on cards; in fact, Kreinik offers some Tokens & Trifles stitching cards that are perfect for bookmarks.

The cards come in a variety of shapes and sizes. We, Funk & Weber Designs, used the star card for our Going, Going, Gone! bookmark, celebrating the partnership between TNNA’s Stitch N’ Pitch program and Needle and Thread: Stitching for Literacy. Because the cards don’t require a hoop to stitch, they are great for travel projects, easy to take and stitch at ball games, on vacation, and at PTO meetings.

I think I’m a little partial to the star card. KreinikGirl used it with a space theme, which is in The Neighborhood of our own design interests. I love her use of the new holographic threads in this bookmark. I think I see a spacey star bookmark in my future!

But there are other great shapes in the Tokens & Trifles collection, as well. I’ve only just scratched the surface. Some cards come with pre-cut card backings. Those that don’t, have a built-in stencil (what’s left after you remove the shape you’re stitching) that makes it a snap to cut your own.

You can glue the card back (or felt or Ultrasuede or ???) to the needlework or adhere it with Kreinik’s Treasure Tape. Remember to sandwich a ribbon between the front and back layers if you want the needlework to hang outside the book.

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