Category: Needle and ThREAD

Updates on the Needle and ThREAD program which uses needlework to promote and support literacy.

LTS Contest Winner

Announcing the winner of the Loose Thread Stitchers / Stitch Your Heart Out Bookmark Challenge contest winner! Did you send Colleen pictures of the bookmarks you stitched and donated? If so, the […]

It Takes Just One

Besides “how do I finish my bookmarks,” another question I often hear is “how can I get involved?” Just as there are a gazillion answers to the first question, there are a […]

2010 Challenge Conclusion

Today is the last day to get your bookmarks to participants who are collecting for Children’s Book Week. I will report the number of bookmarks stitched and donated as results roll in. […]

Creating Creatives, Part 7

Being a Creative by Linda Stanek We need Creatives, and we need to recognize that we all have it in ourselves to be one. We need to foster it in our children, […]

Extreme Stitcher

A bookmark stitched by Stephanie, from Nouveau Encore Designs. Pattern by Textile Heritage. Welcome to our Extreme Reader / Extreme Stitcher series where we profile people willing to go to great lengths […]