Needle and ThREAD

National Library Legislative Day(s)


On May 13 & 14, librarians and library supporters will descend on Washington D. C. to advocate for libraries.

    Did you know that:

  • U.S public library cardholders outnumber Amazon customers worldwide by 3 to 1.
  • Reference librarians in the nation’s public and academic libraries answer more than 8 million questions weekly. Standing single file, the line of questioners would stretch from New York City to Anchorage, Alaska.
  • Americans spend about $31 a year for public libraries, about the cost of one hardcover book. They also check out an average of seven books a year. (Hmm. I check out seven books in one visit.)
  • There have been several different approaches to considering returns on public library availability and use. All showed substantial returns exceeding taxpayer investment. Florida’s public libraries return $6.54 for every $1.00 invested from all sources. (Jose-Marie Griffiths et al., “Taxpayer Return on Investment in Florida Public Libraries: Summary Report,” September 2004)

Millions of people pass through the library each year, but without adequate funding and support, these resources may not be there when we need them. Everyone loves libraries. But libraries cannot live on love alone.

Support your local library. Ask if they are doing anything for National Library Legislative Day, and see if you can help. Urge your representatives to support libraries.

National Library Legislative Day is sponsored by the American Library Association, Chief Officers of State Library Agencies, the District of Columbia Library Association, and the Special Libraries Association.

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