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2008 Bookmark Challenge: The Last Day

Today is the last day to get bookmarks to participating shops for the Needle and Thread: Stitching for Literacy 2008 Bookmark Challenge. Shop owners will be delivering the bookmarks to their libraries, schools, and literacy programs in time for Children’s Book Week next week. I will tally and post results here as shop owners provide them.

Since we’re finishing the Challenge, it seems appropriate to talk again about finishing bookmarks. Janet, from The Cross Stitch Station in Miami, FL, uses a finishing technique in this bookmark that is near and dear to me.


This is a picot (say “PEE-coh”) edge, which is currently my favorite needlework edging. It has the best physical rhythm when being stitched, very relaxing and a cinch once you learn it. I use it on my bracelet and tag patterns, among other things.

Janet concealed the raw hem edges and needlework back by slip stitching a wide jacquard ribbon to the back, inside the picot edging. Her pattern choices coordinate beautifully, don’t you think?

It’s a snap to work a split ring or jump ring through one of the edging holes so that you can add a ribbon or shepherd’s hook to the bookmark, allowing the needlework to drape outside the book and be visible.

This edging allows us to use any fabric at all for a bookmark. It’s a sturdy edge, though it looks delicate and lacy.

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