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nano.jpgRemember the 50,000-word novel I was writing this month? It seems I’ve thrown in the towel. Granted, I’ve still got 2 weeks and could do something super-human in that time, but my heart and attention are on needlework at the moment, so I don’t see it happening. Quitting isn’t something I do often. In fact, I tend to go a little overboard in the other direction, stubbornly hanging on even after a battle is lost. Letting go of NaNo doesn’t sit well with me.

I found a plot around 4,000 words and went with it to about 11,000 words, but I didn’t like it. I do like the characters and the overarching premise, just not the plot. I need to pick my characters up and throw them into a different story. That’s doable. But I’m also feeling a little pressed for time to prepare for the TNNA trade show in January, and that’s the work I’ve been doing.

Could be a mood. We’ll see. But right now, NaNo is no go. Wah. I was so looking forward to an experience similar to last year’s. I suppose there’s always next year.

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