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2007 Bookmark Challenge Conclusion

The 2007 Bookmark Challenge is officially over, ending November 15th. I await totals and information from 8 of the participating shops, so not too much to report just yet. The feedback I’ve gotten has been enthusiastic. Shops have made connections with libraries, schools, and literacy programs, and everyone is happy with those connections. That all by itself thrills me! I love the crisscrossing of paths and goals, especially when those goals are good and important.

Because Children’s Book Week is moving to May in 2008, I’m already thinking of ways to improve the program for next year. Shop owners and the Anchorage library have suggested the program end at the start of Children’s Book Week instead of during it, so that events can be planned to present and distribute the bookmarks during that week. Shop owners have also asked that the program be extended to a full 2 months, allowing more time for stitchers to get materials and stitch. A good number of stitchers have to mail their bookmarks to their favorite shop, and that takes time.

Both of those suggestions sound good and reasonable to me. What else?

More program designs–like the ones from Monique at My Mark and the upcoming Rosewood Manor ones from Karen–and a page here identifying them. Check. Remember, Needle and Thread: Stitching for Literacy patterns raise money for literacy year-round.


And? Come on brilliant thinkers. How do we improve the 2008 Bookmark Challenge?

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