Needle and ThREAD

First Book + eBay Foundation = Community Gives

Click here to visit Community Gives

First Book has teamed with the eBay Foundation, the charitable arm of eBay Inc., for Community Gives, an “online fundraising campaign designed to engage the eBay Community in supporting First Book’s mission to provide new books to the children who need them most.”

First Book is one of three nonprofit organizations the eBay community has chosen to support this year through the Community Gives program. The Foundation kicked things off on Monday with a $1 million donation, split evenly between the three nonprofits. For each person who donates during the campaign, the Foundation will contribute an additional $1, up to $100,000.

Another way to give to the project is buying and selling through eBay Giving Works. Items raising money for First Book are here. Unfortunately, there aren’t many.

Would you believe I’ve never bought or sold anything on e-Bay? Mike has, if that counts. I’m not much of a shopper. This is an interesting campaign, though, and I’m contemplating ideas for if and how we might participate in it or something like it.

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