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All those random nature and wildlife photos that pop up on this blog are Mike’s. As a professional photographer, he’s spent hours, even days, waiting for perfect shots. We’ve both hiked miles of rugged terrain, schlepping gear that weighs as much as WWF wrestlers. We’ve tiptoed barefoot over crusty snow (shhh!), crawled on our bellies through thick brush, warmed batteries against our bodies in sub-zero temperatures, and tied road-killed animals to tree stumps in an effort to take interesting and authentic pictures. Well, Mike does it to take pictures; I just do it for fun. (What’s not authentic about road-kill lashed to a stump?!)


Mike has three pictures in a new book published by Greatland Graphics, Denali Wild: A Nature Portfolio, with images from Alaska’s #1 tourist destination, Denali National Park. All three pics were taken during our winters caretaking for the Kantishna Roadhouse, where we were snowed in for eight months at the end of the ninety-mile Denali Park road.

If you’d like a copy of this book, I recommend coming to Alaska to get one, though I suppose you could order one online.

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  1. Wow! Congrats, Mike! (I hope no one tries to call your cell to congratulate you. Ha. We’ll take a message.)