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dramaramaWhat’s on my nightstand? Dramarama, by E. Lockhart.

With a title like “Dramarama,” what do you think it’s about? A bunch of ambitious, uber-dramatic teens, who are misfits everywhere but the theater, right? You got it! As an unabashed lover of musical theater I’d probably enjoy a book if that’s all it were, but there’s more to Dramarama than that.

I love the journey of self-discovery that Sarah/Sadye makes. I found it touchingly honest. She’s a strong character who might easily be annoying, but she’s imperfect and vulnerable enough to win my sympathy. She makes it into an intense summer theater program along with her only hometown friend, Demi, a flamboyantly gay black boy who plays straight at home. Together, they take the first step toward their mutual dream of razzle-dazzle stardom.

Things begin to unravel (as they must) when they arrive at the Institute. While Demi rises to the occasion, Sadye finds herself sinking–as a performer, a girlfriend, and friend. She must watch as her best friend gets everything she wants and can’t have. Ooooo! That’s a situation that yanks my heartstrings.

E. Lockhart gets Sadye into and through those murky waters skillfully. I felt completely satisfied.

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  1. So how have I known you for so very long, and not known that you are a lover of musical theater? Egads! Almost all of the plays that Joshua and Jessica are in are musicals…you should head this way more often!

  2. Theater was my passion in high school. Those folks are still friends. I wasn’t a wanna be actress (well, not a lot anyway), but I did love being dramatic. This sounds like one I want to read.

  3. I don’t know, Shell. I loved them back in high school, too, though I never aspired to perform. I like to watch and work behind the scenes.

    Try it, Becca!