Creative Gifts – Day #3

If you’re giving away any knitted garments–hats, socks, scarves, mittens, etc.–this one’s for you. Items can be handmade or machine made; it doesn’t matter. Make a special gift extra special with the duplicate stitch or Swiss darning.

Not a knitter? No problem!

Miniature stocking ornaments

You know all those cross stitch charts you have? Put them to use here. Look for borders and small motifs you can isolate. Borders can be stitched around hat brims, sock or mitten cuffs, and scarf edges. Motifs can be stitched on a mitten palm, on a sock instep, or anywhere on a hat.

You can use six-strand floss, pearl cotton, metallics, yarn, specialty fibers (ooooh, Rainbow Gallery’s Fuzzy Stuff springs to mind!) or a combination. If you happen upon some beads, buttons, or charms as you root through your stash, grab them, too.

Here’s a great Duplicate Stitch tutorial to get you going.