Creative Gifts – Day 2

Well, can you tell what today’s Creative Gift idea is? That’s an hors d’oeuvre pick! With a longer wire, it could be a drink stirrer.

A noodle + some wire + a pair of pliers = hors d’oeuvre pick

A less-intricate noodle would certainly be acceptable. Also, I might look into whether that wire is actually safe for insertion into food. A wooden skewer, a long toothpick, and a plastic coffee stirrer are some alternatives.

I just poked the wire through holes created by the edge stitch. First, from front to back through a bottom hole, and then back to front through a top hole. I bent the wire above and below the noodle to make sure it doesn’t slip, though the fit is snug enough that I doubt it would. I’d still bend the wire next time anyway because I think it looks cool. I might also add beads.

Mmm…I’m picturing some of these in cupcakes. Cupcakes…

So, what ideas does this give you?

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  1. A very cute little pick Jen! :))
    Thanks for entering my giveaway and leaving such a lovely comment too!
    Fancy someone in Alaska having seen pics of my stockings!
    Good luck. 🙂

  2. My thoughts on this:
    We have a tradition for “koltbord” – a variation of dishes the guest can pick and choose from. It is kind of Spanish Tapas.
    Haven’t you all wondered what sauce goes with which item on the plates? I have.
    I have always wanted signs for this…
    Maybe we can have party pins whit stitched texted or numbers? Numbers are best because we can use them often 😉 and for other things that need number signs.
    Stick the party pin in the food container and have a poster with explanations nearby.
    Let’s party & lets stitch 😉
    Best regards from Norway

  3. Excellent ideas, Harriet. We could even just do colors and have a list of what colors go together.

    Or, or, or…!

    Actually, I have another idea that might work in this situation, too. It’s on the list!