Creative Gifts – Day #4

This creative-gift-idea-a-day idea is challenging! It was a whim, not something planned, let alone prepared. It feels a little lame to throw out a bunch of ideas sans pictures or tutorials, but time simply won’t allow for daily tutorials, certainly not 24 of them. (Did I really say 24? Was that a typo? Did I mean 14? Or perhaps 2-4, as in maybe 2, maybe 3, maybe 4?)

Well, far be it from me to let go a challenge. I will, however, pull ideas and projects up from my past when especially pressed. Like right now. This is one I want to undertake more seriously myself at some point.

Stitch band napkin ring

Stitch band napkin rings.

Stitch bands are pre-finished on the long sides, so we have only the short ends to deal with. They’re easy enough to finish or stitch together, but the edges of this baby are glued. The seam is tidy and flexible, perfectly respectable.

A few large stitches (I used whopperjawed eyelets for this one) will make short work of these.

And now that I think of it, short Funk & Weber bracelets would make great napkin rings, too.

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  1. These are very cool. I’ve had thoughts about doing something like this- inspired by the bracelets. A set could be madevery quickly.