Creative Gifts – Day #16

Today’s creative gift idea is 100% Harriet. The idea was nowhere on my list or in my head until she presented it. Check it out: Harriet's bottle capsBottle caps!

Harriet says, “For different moods and seasons we can make hats for bottles. Wine, beer, soda, or water bottles–your choice. With pompons or bells on top, with wings, with stars, with faces, with new learned stitches, etc.”

Besides the obvious red-and-white Santa hat, what kind of cap are you in the mood for today? I’m imagining sports caps. Go figure.

Heaps of thanks to Harriet for sharing! Now who’s going to actually make one so we can see what it looks like?

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  1. Thank you, Jen for using my hastely made schetshes, they Are for remembering and not for art xhibitions 🙂 I am humble and happy that someone likes them, and thanks to you, I make a lot these days…

    I forgot to write that they can be fingerdolls as well. I want to make a sample for you to see… And match it with a bottle apron 🙂 but all good things takes its time to make…
    Best regards to you all!

  2. Your sketches inspire me. I really am going to start sketching more–and trying harder with my sketches. You wouldn’t believe how lame they can be.

    Yes, fingerdolls! We’d say “finger puppets,” but I think I prefer “fingerdolls.”

    I look forward to the sample someday!