Creative Gifts – Day #13

De-stash. Wrap it up. Give it away.


Fox and ice candlesHey, what have you got in there? Can I see?”

Okay, let’s be honest, many of us have mountains of stash. Some of it dates back to when we were just learning to stitch and didn’t know what we were buying. We’ve changed our minds about this and don’t remember what that was for. Oh, and this–this was such a bargain, it was actually more expensive not to buy it.

Many of us hoard craft supplies, er, things we call craft supplies. Seriously, you never know when you’re going to want that old-fashioned door off a mailbox, and just because I don’t like that brown linen doesn’t mean it won’t be perfect for some as-yet-undiscovered project.

I understand. Do not get rid of that mailbox door; where on earth would you get another? But pack that brown linen up. You’ve got fabrics you like better, and if push comes to shove and you have to have brown fabric, you can get more. If you haven’t used it in 5-10 years, and if it’s not one-of-a kind, don’t hesitate. Put it in a box and give it to a fellow or would-be crafter.

In sorting through our stash, we see what we have, remember what we planned, and become inspired. In off-loading some, we are better prepared to acquire what we’ll actually use. The recipient will see the stash as brand new and come up with all kinds of brilliant ideas for using it.

A box of random craft and needlework supplies is a fantastic gift for kids and crafters alike–kids are natural crafters.

Maybe even better is to host a stash-exchange with fellow stitchers. Refreshing our stash gives us fresh ideas.

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  1. I like this idea: to make some crafting kits to friends!
    In my family we knit a lot and we give each others “left overs” and yarns we are “tired of” or do not know what to make of. This *round a bout* (I do not know how to spell or name this picture-thought…) whit yarns triggers some ideas and we make things of it!
    I recently got in return some yarns I had in 1985, and it will now be part of knitted “pules heaths” – you know – you start to make some mittens, but you have no time left to complete the project, so they turn into band around wrist hence the name “pulse heaters”.

  2. Too funny, getting your old yarn back! But very cool that you can now put it to use.

    “Round about” works well.

    I need to make some mittens. I make socks all the time, but not mittens.