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Creative Gifts – Day #12

Funk & Weber Designs, holiday tagToday, on the Twelfth Day of Creative Gifts ideas, we’re going to combine the idea of a re-usable holiday ribbon or decorative tag with the strap idea from Day #10’s ornament. We wave our magic needle over it, and, voila!, we have a re-usable, customizable holiday gift tag.

Once again, while I plan to write complete instructions for such a project, I will not be doing it today or anytime during this 24-day event. Tutorial schmutorial; you can do this.

I suspect you have little holiday motif patterns coming out your ears. If not, I know you know how to find a gazillion online. Start with that.

Funk & Weber Designs, holiday tagThen stitch your bands which will hold the card stock with printed names. These bands are 1/2 inch tall, and the yellow card stock is cut slightly smaller.

You can design your own T, O, F, R, M letters or use an alphabet from another pattern or online. Or eliminate that stitching to make a smaller tag, and include similar words on the card stock.

Finishing is what trips up many stitchers, but it’s really quite easy. If you’ve taken the Bookmarks 101 class, you know exactly how I finished this one. If you’ve taken the Bracelet Basics class, you know another way such a tag might be finished. Do it!

The hanger is two strands of size 8 green pearl cotton and two strands of size 8 red pearl cotton twisted together into a thicker pearl cotton. Yep, I need to make a tutorial for that, too. You can always braid fibers for a hanger, or how about using a narrow ribbon?

What do you think–would someone on your gift list like to receive one of these?

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  1. These are grogeous! Great idea. I’m guessing that, once gifted, they will only be reused within the immediate family!