Creative Gifts – Day #14

Funk & Weber Designs - jewelry pouch, step 1Guess what! We’re back to stitchbands. Stitchbands are pretty handy little things, but I’m not always happy with available colors and widths. I may have to start dyeing or painting my own. One thing’s for sure: I’m going to have to order some more.

Our Creative Gift idea today is a jewelry pouch. Sterling silver tarnishes simply by being exposed to air. Jewelry pouches help reduce tarnishing. They’re also great for traveling and probably a dozen other things I haven’t considered.

For a 2×2-inch pouch, cut a 5-inch length of a 2-inch wide stitchband. Got that? Hem or finish the raw edges of the short ends and embroider to your heart’s content.

Funk & Weber Designs - jewelry pouch, step 2If you want to line your pouch, this is the time to do it. A satin-y fabric might be hand- or machine-stitched to the inside, or Ultrasuede or felt might be attached quickly and easily with a running or overcast stitch. No need to finish the raw edges of Ultrasuede or felt.

Fold the band 2 inches up from the bottom and secure with a pin for the time being.

Funk & Weber Designs - jewelry pouch, step 3Next, stitch up the two long sides with a running stitch, overcast stitch, blanket stitch, or stitch of your choice to create a pocket.

Finally, fold the top flap down and create a way to secure it. Velcro or a snap, perhaps. Or if you have two tiny buttons, stitch one to the flap and one to the pocket. Tie a length of fiber around one button. This can be wound around the other to secure the flap.

Funk & Weber Designs - jewelry pouch, step 4


Do these count as sketches?

What do you think? Sound fun? What are some other uses you can imagine for these?

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