Creative Gifts – Day #11

I wear a wool felt hat in winter. I wear a wide-brim straw hat while gardening. I wear a . . . different hat when hiking, canoeing, fishing, etc. Sun protection, heat retention, and fashion: hats do it all.

The arctic

Embroidered stitchbands and ribbons = hatband.

Dress up and personalize a hat for a special gift.

Categories: Crafting, Needlework

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  1. But you don’t wear a hat for NaNoWriMo- could I whip one up befor next November? I think even I might be able to do that! 😉

  2. I love the idea of a NaNo hat. I just love hats. I’ll have to consider making one.

    2010 has been a very non-stitchy year for me, but I believe 2011 will be different. I hope you can get back to it, too.