Needle and ThREAD


Bookmark #2 is proving difficult yet again as I do the layout for the pattern. It’s the color issue again: I can’t find a background that I love. I’ve probably tried half-a-dozen, each taking not a little time to create.

My favorite so far is red, but I worry that the red overpowers the image of the bookmark. I want to see the image-and-background on a colored leaflet before I go back to square one. Maybe if the whole leaflet is colorful, the red behind the bookmark won’t be so overwhelming.

Bookmark #3, on the other hand, is coming along nicely. The pattern is stitched, people who have seen it have gotten what it is, and I love the colors! I’m going to finish this one differently–well, different from #2 and #1. I may need to order another color of perle cotton, though, which will hold things up. What can I say? I’m making it all up as I go.

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