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I mucked about with one of the two Needle and ThREAD logos today. As you probably know, I’ve invited other designers to create bookmark patterns, too, offering the logo in exchange for a commitment to donate 10% or more of profits to the literacy program of their choice, the idea being to raise as much money for literacy as possible.

Well, I wanted the logo to be flexible so that it might match a variety of colors and layouts. Actually, I planned to make it color-flexible, but I ended up with layout flexibility when I couldn’t decide between the rectangular and square designs, and adopted them both. Whatever–it works for me! I think the needlework public can handle it.

Anywho, Monique at My Mark is the first designer to join our bookmark parade, and we chatted about her needs regarding the logo. She’s able and prepared to deal with whatever I give her, but when pressed, indicated that a square blue logo might suit her best. So I whipped one up. And then I couldn’t stop. Honestly, I made the purple one so I’d have 4 for this post. Three looked funny.

(The purple one above looks strange to me, blurry. I’ve wasted a bunch of time re-uploading different variations, to no avail, so I’m letting it slide.)

What do you think?

Did you notice I also rearranged the text a bit? Probably not; it’s not wildly different. I’m going to rearrange the text of the rectangular one, too, which means the Read-it, Read-it patterns I currently have will be the only ones with the first-generation horizontal logo. Ooooooo–collectibles!

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  1. My initial reaction, before reading your posting was in favor of the blue. Purple’s my favorite color, but it is blurry for some reason. Odd.

  2. Hi Jen,

    I love the black text on the orange logo. I like the color difference with the blue/blue.

    Give it the ‘stand across the room’ test and see which speaks to you. Or which parts speak to you.

    I gave it the squint test and visually, I can read the info on the orange the best. I can discern the detail on the center of the blue the best.

    The other two colors are pretty, but are a distant third and fourth.

    How’s that for almost helpful?

    Keep up the great work!