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The Needlework Show Opens Today


I love The Needlework Show! Funk & Weber Designs has exhibited in this show since its inception 4 years ago. I think it’s been 4 years. It was the brainchild of Marcia Manning (from Cross Stitch Wonders) and Cindy Ward (web guru and European Crosstitch Company partner). When Marcia first described the concept, I thought it was brilliant. I know how hard it is to launch a new business, particularly in an established field, and I was eager and willing to help get the show off the ground.

The Needlework Show is an online wholesale trade show, the first and only one of its kind. That makes it not only original, but unique–two of my favorite things! The vendors are designers and manufacturers who sell wholesale to retail buyers, i.e., shop owners. Most wholesale trade shows are in giant, expensive convention centers, closed to the public, but this one is on the comparatively inexpensive internet and open to the public to view, though not buy. It offers consumers a chance to see a wide selection of what is “out there” and to connect with shops that are in this loop.

The show has grown and improved during the past 4 years, and I see all sorts of opportunities still ahead. Cindy is an adventurous soul, willing to consider any and all ideas for the show. So let’s dream and brainstorm a bit. What would you like to see at this show? Podcasts? Videos? Classes? Chats? ???

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