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Beyond Bracelets

The title of our July 19 – 25 bracelet class is “Embroidery Me! Bracelet Basics & Beyond.” I think the “Beyond” part is pretty cool.

Once you know the finishing method, you can make a gazillion one-of-a-kind bracelets: any colors, any fabrics, any fibers, with or without beads and charms, any length, any width, any stitches. You can make unique bracelets for every outfit, occasion, and friend.

One of the bracelets I wear a lot.

The decorative stitch we use in Part 1 (that’s the stitch that shows on the surface of the bracelet) is a great filling stitch. Use it to fill a background or shape, as a border, or a stand-alone noodle. (This particular noodle became a magnet, and I don’t recall who has it now.)

The edge stitch we learn in the second lesson is my all-time favorite, go-to edge-finishing method. I use it for key chains, barrettes, zipper pulls, scissor fobs, and heaps of other things.

Of course, it works great for bookmarks, too.

In the third lesson, we learn different ways to finish the back side of our bracelets.

One method employs a stitch that is not only functional on the back but looks great as a decorative stitch on the front. It’s a great border stitch, too, and can be easily altered to have many different looks.

This is the backing stitch, altered slightly, used as the decorative stitch on the front of another of my oft-worn bracelets. Um, yes, I have a good number of bracelets.

Like the super-useful edge stitch in Lesson 2, the beading technique from the final section of the class can be used to add interest to many projects from tags to bookmarks to ___–you name it. I used the technique in the sand dollar and kite tags here.

Really, this class is just the beginning of what I hope will be a long, creative, needlework journey. It has been for me.

If you’re interested in taking it and plan to order a kit, now’s a good time to register. Remember, the kits travel from rural Alaska.

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  1. Busy busy — looks like you just sit and stitch.. I need to do more stitching – less weeding!

  2. Ha! Truth: I haven’t touched a needle in weeks, but I spent over two hours today weeding strawberry beds.

    None of these images are recent; I’ve been making bracelets and using the techniques for years. And I still love making bracelets. Some stitching friends mentioned “intervention” after seeing my bag of bracelets.