Alaska Author Flash Interview: Ann Dixon

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All right, you have time to meet today’s Alaska kidlit author, but then it’s puzzle time, all right?

Ann Dixon

Meet Ann Dixon

Name: Ann Dixon

Location: Homer

Home on the Web:

You’re making a float based on one of your books for the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. What do you do? I mostly avoid parades, so I’m not the best person to think about making a float. But if I were to make one based on one of my books, I’d do either The Sleeping Lady, which would be pretty boring because I would be sleeping with the occasional roll onto my back or side so as to give both perspectives of the mountain, or I’d make a float based on Big-Enough Anna, in which case musher Pam Flowers could be the star with some fake snow, a few sled dogs, and a sled. New Yorkers would almost certainly like that better.

The main character for your next book is a dessert. Yes, the yummy after-dinner thing. What dessert is it? I seriously doubt I will ever write a story with a dessert as the main character. It would make me too hungry to spend that much time thinking about dessert.

What’s an Alaska person or place or situation or theme you’d like to write and/or illustrate a book about? I’d like to write about a little girl growing up in Kennecott during the mining era. Oh, wait—I’ve already done that! It just hasn’t been published.

A celebrity falls in love with your book and sings its praises on a tv show, thus making you rich, famous, beautiful, smart, physically fit, etc. Who is this celebrity and what is the show? My first choice for a TV celebrity would be Fred Rogers, but unfortunately that isn’t possible since he has passed on. I’ll go with Benedict Cumberbatch on the show Sherlock. I’m not sure how he would work one of my books into the show but I’m totally confident he can do it.

What Alaska wildflower represents your work in progress? The Alaska wildflower that best represents my work in progress is the chocolate lily. It’s hard to find and kind of stinky. And that’s all I’m saying about that!

Ha! I can’t wait to read your WIP!

Books—and an app:

Winter Is (Available from Auryn/Auracle)

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The Sleeping Lady, by Ann Dixon

The Sleeping Lady

Alone Across the Arctic, by Ann Dixon

Alone Across the Arctic

When Posey Peeked at Christmas, by Ann Dixon

When Posey Peeked at Christmas

Trick-or-Treat, by Ann Dixon


Big-Enough Anna, by Ann Dixon

Big-Enough Anna

Blueberry Shoe, by Ann Dixon

Blueberry Shoe