Alaska Author Flash Interview: Annie Boochever

Today’s the final day of Alaska Book Week, and we’ve got our last two author interviews. Heaps of thanks to my fellow AK authors for playing along—and for writing books that entertain and educate. Thanks, too, to you for reading. Remember, holidays are hurtling toward us. Books make great gifts.

Annie Boochever

Meet Annie Boochever

Name: Annie Boochever

Location: Juneau

Home on the Web:

You’re making a float based on one of your books for the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. What do you do? I’d make a giant Sockeye Salmon float with Zoey and Eliot geared up for a day of fishing in Bristol Bay riding on top.

The main character for your next book is a dessert. Yes, the yummy after-dinner thing. What dessert is it? Akutaq (“a-goo-duk”) otherwise known as Eskimo Ice Cream aka Zoe. What could be better than a little seal oil, cooked fish, berries, and sugar? mmmmmmYum!

What’s an Alaska person or place or situation or theme you’d like to write and/or illustrate a book about? The continuing adventures of Zoey, Eliot, and Thomas only this time they find themselves in Glacier Bay National Monument near Gustavus in Southeast Alaska. Paddling in kayaks, pursued by poachers, the three madly push on, unaware that they have positioned themselves smack in front of the magnificent Marjorie Glacier. A sharp explosion leads to ….

A celebrity falls in love with your book and sings its praises on a tv show, thus making you rich, famous, beautiful, smart, physically fit, etc. Who is this celebrity and what is the show? Robert Redford envisions a movie adaptation of Bristol Bay Summer as a way to bring the story of Zoey, Eliot, and Thomas, and the world’s largest sockeye fishery into the homes of millions of people while raising awareness of the threat of the proposed Pebble Mine. A mine that if developed could mean the end of a way of life that has supported Bristol Bay fishermen for centuries.

What Alaska wildflower represents your work in progress? Forget-me-not for obvious reasons.


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Bristol Bay Summer, by Annie Boochever

Bristol Bay Summer