Alaska Author Flash Interview: Marc Cameron

Um . . . yeah . . . still pushing the Alaska Book Week puzzle contest. Okay, so you’re a grownup, and you have no use for puzzle books. Well, the holidays are coming. Is there someone on the list who might like the prize books? Hmmmm?

It’s a nice ride we’ve got going, eh? You know what’s coming: I’m going to corner another AK kidlit author and ask five silly brilliant, insightful, and deeply revealing questions. You’re eager to meet this kidlit author, aren’t you?

Well, too bad, so sad. Guess again.

Because it’s Thursday—or because I feel like it—I’m throwing you a curve. He’s an Alaska author, all right, but forget the kidlit: He writes bestselling “testosterone-fueled” thrillers with “action off-the-charts.”

I bought one of his books for my mom. Really. C’mon, I’ll introduce you.

Marc Cameron

Meet Marc Cameron

Name: Marc Cameron

Location: Eagle River

Home on the Web:

You’re making a float based on one of your books for the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. What do you do? I’d likely go with one of those humongous balloons rather than a float—a brooding Jericho Quinn in black helmet and leather jacket looming above the crowd on his BMW GS Adventure motorcycle.

The main character for your next book is a dessert. Yes, the yummy after-dinner thing. What dessert is it? Jericho is more of a savory food sort of guy—but if he had to be a dessert it would be something that was on fire.

Like Baked Alaska! That seems doubly appropriate.

What’s an Alaska person or place or situation or theme you’d like to write and/or illustrate a book about? Though my books are mostly for grownups, I spend a good deal of time every year talking about literacy to schools in Alaska Native communities. I’ve included some scenes in previous books, but my work in progress sets Jericho in the middle of the Alaska bush and draws heavily on my experiences there. It’s a lot of fun.

A celebrity falls in love with your book and sings its praises on a tv show, thus making you rich, famous, beautiful, smart, physically fit, etc. Who is this celebrity and what is the show? My wife and I are big Castle fans. I retired from a career in law enforcement before writing Thrillers full-time so it would be a real kick if I got to sit in on one of those poker games that Castle attends periodically with the other writers like Paterson and Connelly….

I’ll see what I can do. I’m pretty sure one of the Castle producers reads this blog.

What Alaska wildflower represents your work in progress? Jericho is a gun, knife, and motorcycle guy . . . so wildflowers don’t really come to mind with I think about him. If I had to pick one it would have to be some tundra wildflower that comes on like gangbusters and makes the most out of Alaska’s short growing season. I aim to keep my readers slightly out of breath trying to keep up with him.

I get out of breath inhaling the spicy scent of Labrador tea. I can’t get enough of it. And I get out of breath tromping through miles of it on soft spongy tundra. What do you think, can I sell you on Labrador tea as Jericho’s representative wildflower? It grows, blooms, and smells like gangbusters.


I write an Adventure/Thriller series about an Air Force OSI agent named Jericho Quinn. The sixth in the series, Brute Force, will be released this December from Kensington.

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