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Writing Silly

With the upcoming activity book project and several needlework projects, I’ve given up trying to revise a novel I drafted in November. I’ll tackle that over the summer. Big, complicated projects, like novels, require longer writing periods and more undivided attention–for me, anyway. So I’ve turned my creative writing attention to short things. Silly short things. Silly short things that (gasp!) rhyme, to be exact. Editors grumble about bad rhyme, but of course I’m not writing bad rhyme!

Rhyming is something I do spontaneously, for personal enjoyment and entertainment. I’ve been lucky to have friends (and a husband) willing to play with me, too. I don’t know why I remember this, but in college, my friend Cathy and I wound up with a long list of phrases that rhymed with “kiss and tell.” I don’t know what phrase started the list, and I certainly don’t remember most of the phrases on it, but now every time I hear a phrase that rhymes with it, my brain takes off on that silly trail.

Your feet smell

Wishing well

Eat Hormel

I can’t spell

Today, the phrase “wide lapel” sent my brain off on “your feet smell,” “wishing well,” “eat Hormel”…. Now the question is what short silly thing was I writing that brought about “wide lapel”? It has something to do with Alaskan animals, but more than that, I WON’T TELL!

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