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We’re on Facebook

I’m pretty lost in the Facebook forest, but Mike Weber (and by “Mike Weber” I mean me) and Jen Funk Weber have profiles, and Funk & Weber Designs has a page connected to the Jen profile. Getting to the Funk & Weber page from the Jen page doesn’t seem to be as easy as I think it should be, but no doubt I’m missing something.

I am motivated to be on Facebook for both personal and professional reasons. My sister, nephews, and niece all have private pages that they update regularly, and I have to be a Facebook member and on their Friends list to see their pages. Visiting those pages is a way for me to keep up with them and their doings.

There is also a community of needleworkers on Facebook, so I’m motivated to be there as Funk & Weber Designs.

The tricky part will be separating personal and business uses. It appears as though comments I make on my sister’s page appear on mine as well, and I don’t necessarily want my family chit-chat on a page that I’m inviting needlework friends to visit. I’m not sure how it works, but it seems the Funk & Weber page is public while my profile page is largely private.

We’ll see how it shakes out.

If you’re on Facebook, by all means come on over, at least to the Funk & Weber page. Please don’t be offended if my netiquette isn’t what it should be. I’m learning.

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