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I can’t believe it. The Senate passed their version of the Orphan Works bill (S 2913). The bill was hotlined, which means:

A “hotline” is an informal term for a request to members of the Senate to agree to allow a bill or resolution to be approved by the Senate without debate or amendment. A measure that is “hotlined” is recorded in the Congressional Record as a being agreed to by unanimous consent (UC). (Some hotlines can include amendments but limit debate and discussion and do not require individual votes on the amendment or the underlying bill).

A bill is hotlined at the discretion of the Majority Leader in consultation with the Minority Leader. The leader’s office contacts each Senate office with a message on a special alert line called “the hotline” that provides information on what bill or bills the leader is seeking to pass through unanimous consent. If an office has an objection to the bill being hotlined, they are asked to call the leader’s office and state that they would like to object to the bill being passed by unanimous consent. In practice, instead of requiring explicit unanimous consent to pass a bill, the hotline process only requires a lack of dissent.

In the spirit of the bill, the source of that info will remain conspicuously absent.


So, while our Senators are all swamped with the current economic crisis, someone or two people decide this is a good time to push this baby through.

Readers, I beg you, go here and send a message to your Representatives to oppose the Orphan Works bill. It’s as easy as filling in your contact info.

Congress is working this weekend, so don’t wait until Monday.

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  1. I was really surprised when I saw your post. Maybe it is because the craft industry doesn’t have the high-powered(read highly paid) lobbyists in DC that the music industry has. If they did, this would have never happened. Imagine if it was a song lyrics…

  2. Just popping over from the On-Line Needlework Show to say what a great puzzle Funk & Weber Designs put in for their door prize. What a great way to make both reading and stitching fun. Thanks for the entertainment.

  3. You’re right Deborah. And artists are notoriously hard to organize. The people who want this legislation most are those who will own, operate, and profit from the databases.

    As I’ve said, I support the basic idea behind the legislation, but the language of the bill misses the mark by a disastrous margin.

  4. Thanks, Leigh. We have a monthly puzzle contest in The Needlework Nutshell, our e-newsletter, and after the New Puzzle Pattern Contest, I look forward to holding more contests here.