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The Needlework Show is open and can be perused by anyone. It is, however, a wholesale trade show, so only registered retailers can place orders. This show is a great place to browse gazillions of needlework patterns and products, and there are lots of door prizes and–oh, yes!–a Funk & Weber Designs puzzle contest. If you discover things you’d like, the participating shop list can help you locate a retailer that will be happy to provide it for you.

kid-zone-10-08.jpgI have an article on sugar, a puzzle, and several activities in the holiday issue of Kid Zone magazine. This magazine contains no advertising to tempt, dishearten, or warp young readers. I like that.

This is the second batch of projects that I submitted to “fill holes” in the magazine’s editorial calendar. I am not currently committed to do more for them, but that could change.

home-arts.jpgThis is the issue my two barrette patterns would be in if they were going to be in the Today’s Creative homearts magazine, but, alas, they are not. They are, however, on the Web site.

I really like this magazine for the wide variety of projects it offers, both in complexity and technique. I’ll be submitting more projects.

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  1. Hey, I hadn’t noticed the star rating. Cool!

    You know, even when I get my hair cut, I keep it long enough so I can wear barrettes. Barrettes, bracelets…love them!