Weekend Sightseeing

Aialik Bay: Drama Queen.

paddle1Sometimes she’s calm and inviting…

paddle2stunningly beautiful…

paddle3and delightfully entertaining.

paddle4Sometimes she’s violent and raging, hurling raindrops and hail, screaming gusts of wind, and throwing waves over the sand berm.

There was a BAY that had a GLAcier
in the middle of her FJORD (just this once say it “FYOR-ed”).
When she was good she was very, very good.
And when she was bad she was horrid.

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  1. Your current environs are featured this Sunday in the Philadelphia Inquirer’s Travel Section (won’t show up until tomorrow). (The article was originally written for the St. Louis Post Dispatch.)

  2. Thanks for the link, Anna. Nice article. “Nature Deficit Disorder”–catchy name. That’s one I don’t have, thank goodness.

    Becca, glad you appreciated my inspired poetry! I fear few do. 🙂