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Weekend Book Quotes

antarctica-plate.jpgWhat’s on my mp3 player? Antarctica on a Plate, by Alexa Thomson.

To read well, that is, to read true books in a true spirit, is a noble exercise, and one that will task the reader more than any other exercise which the customs of the day esteem. It requires a training such as the athletes underwent, the steady intention almost of the whole life to this object. –Henry David Thoreau

To learn to read is to light a fire; every syllable that is spelled out is a spark. –Victor Hugo

To use books rightly, is to go to them for help; to appeal to them when our own knowledge and power fail; to be led by them into wider sight and purer conception than our own, and to receive from them the united sentence of the judges and councils of all time, against our solitary and unstable opinions. –John Ruskin

We are as liable to be corrupted by books, as by companions. –Henry Fielding

Very young children eat their books, literally devouring their contents. This is one reason for the scarcity of first editions of Alice in Wonderland and other favorites of the nursery. –A. S. W. Rosenbach

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