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Guest Blogger: Lynne Nicoletti

For many years now I’ve been engaged in an addictive, though deeply satisfying, affair. As with most relationships, this one has seen me through many troubles and even caused a few. Sometimes, it’s created a distance between myself and the rest of my family. Other times, it’s allowed me to better understand and appreciate my own little microcosm and the worlds that lie outside our door and way beyond the horizon.

Like most affairs, this one began in an innocent and mundane manner. What’s extraordinary about it is how resilient and enduring it’s been. Oh, there’s been the odd fling here and there. In fact, a couple of other flames have been around almost as long as my true love. But even they’ve been made more fulfilling by the influence of my first passion.

Sexy, funny, flamboyant, spiritual, unpredictable, intelligent, opinionated, silly, sensitive, mysterious, wise, nostalgic … what an incredible suitor!

Who wouldn’t fall in love with Books? You thought I was talking about what?!


Everyone, meet Lynne Nicoletti. Lynne, this is Everyone.

Lynne is a cross stitch designer from Canada and future Needle and Thread: Stitching for Literacy bookmark designer (right, Lynne?). No pressure there, eh?

Like many needleworkers, Lynne is also an avid reader. We see evidence of this in her three storybook designs.


All right. What’s the story behind this design? Yes, I expect you to guess. While you’re thinking about it, I’ll upload images of Lynne’s two other storybook designs. You’ll be asked to guess the story behind all three.



All right that one’s easy. Rather like “What color was George Washington’s white horse?” But you’ll have to work a little harder for the first two.

I adore these designs: so fun, imaginative, and connected to things that I love.

So what are the stories behind the designs?

The Velveteen Rabbit

You can read more about these designs and Lynne on her Web site.

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  1. She sure is. And she’s put a bookmark design on her To-Do list. Yay!

    I have your “Bring your own container” bookmark pattern out to stitch. I was going to stitch it for Arctic Needle’s Bookmark Challenge collection, but I really, really, really want one for myself. I guess that means I need to stitch two. I have what I think is a cool finishing idea for it.