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Design Time

I wish I had kept track of how long I spent today playing with a new design. It’s in the family of EmbroiderMe! Bracelets, except it’s not a bracelet.

I have an 8×8 block of straight stitches and backstitches. The stitches are applied in layers, with 4 layers that are the same in all the blocks and a couple of optional or changing layers. Stitching layer 1, then 2, then 3, then 4 looks different than stitching layer 2, then 4, then 1, then 3. Add a fifth or sixth layer anywhere in there and that’s another look.
I’m also changing the colors and fibers. Rainbow Gallery, here I come! I want shiny, fuzzy, fat, thin, whatever. Variety.

In the end, I need just 4 different-looking, but similar blocks, but how to pick those 4?! Well, tomorrow I’ll stitch a bunch and get a feel for the colors I prefer, where I like shiny fibers, where I like fat fibers, etc. I’ll doodle. Eventually, I’ll come up with 4 blocks I love, that look good together. Those are the ones I will stitch on the final piece.

And then I’ll decide if I like it!

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