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Those designs I sketched yesterday?  Well, I stitched a couple and…YUK!  They look so much better on the screen than on the fabric.

I’m not ready to give up on the pattern, though.  One problem, is fiber choice.  I’ve got to get the right weights and textures in the right places.  Another is…and every stitcher will sympathize while every non-stitcher will say I’m being ridiculous given my stash, but…I don’t have the fibers I want!  I’ve got Fuzzy Stuff, but not the right color.  I’ve got a good color #8 pearl cotton, but I want #5.  And so on and on and on…  You know.

At this point, I’ll be happy to get the textures and weights worked out.  I can order the right colors later.

Still, there’s no guarantee this idea will make it through to completed project, let alone published design.  The process seems a little haphazard, doesn’t it?  I often question whether other designers create as many messes as I do, but I am what I am.

On another note, we were watching some behind-the-scenes thing on a Seinfeld DVD, and Jerry noted that for him, that show was all about the writing.  He was involved in every step, from concept development to acting to editing, but what he cared about most, and what he put most energy into, was the writing.  And that, I believe, is why the show is so good.  I wish that more TV shows and movies spent more energy on the writing.  I hate it when a potentially good movie falls splat! because the story can’t support it.  That’s what happened in Return to Paradise, which we watched recently.  This review says way more than I would, but with the same overall conclusion.  I completely didn’t buy the Beth-Sheriff romance.  The presentation of the media-as-the-bad-guy was trite, and of course what happened to Lewis in the end was supposed to hang on that flimsy hook.   It felt tacked on to increase the drama.  Too bad.  There were some good ideas in the premise.

It’s all about story.  I love a good story!

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