Needle and ThREAD

Two Days Until the 2008 Bookmark Challenge!

al-capone.jpgI dug out some new books to read during the Bookmark Challenge (three guesses what I plan to start with), and I’m stitching like mad on the New Puzzle Pattern. I think I’m trying to get that done so that I can focus on bookmarks during the Challenge, but that’s, um, impossible. If I stitched every minute between now and the start of the Challenge, I still could not have the Puzzle Pattern finished. There’s too much to do. So, I will have to stitch multiple projects during the Challenge–as if that’s a bad or different thing. But whatever–it’s been fun stitching like mad, and I’ve made great progress!

I got the proof for the Taku Graphics/Alaska Geographic sudoku puzzle book today. Tomorrow I have to go over it with a fine-toothed comb, paying attention to spelling, spacing, consistency, etc. It’s fun to see it in an almost-finished format. The cover art is by Gail Niebrugge, a fabulous Alaskan artist. Actually, the book will be printed with four different covers, to be sold in four different locations. I wonder if Gail’s art will be used for all four covers.

Did you click the link to Gail’s site? Seriously, that’s one you should click. She’s amazing!

And if you ever want to buy me a present…

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