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Another shop has accepted the 2008 Bookmark Challenge. Caroline’s Thread and Canvas in Ashland, VA. Welcome, Caroline!

I met Caroline in January at the Long Beach trade show. She offers an amazing stitching program at a local school, and she was able to adapt some ideas from the Fiber Artist Trading Card class for her school group. How cool is that?!

Caroline is an energetic creative woman, and I can’t wait to hear what she does during the Challenge.

Also new this weekend, I finally posted my first official press release here. Do you know a member of the press? By all means, direct him/her to that page. Of course, if you can use the information to help us promote the program, have at it!

And, finally, did you notice the new link in the menu bar at the right? When I updated the Home page in preparation for the 2008 Challenge, I regretted taking down the results of the 2007 Challenge. Now they have a new home on the Past Results page.

I’m not sure I mentioned the addition of the Challenge Kit page, but that was last week or so. That’s a tool for shop owners and libraries that want to participate in the program.

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